What drives you,
in front of you.

What makes you happy,
beside you.

What makes you, you,
will remain within you.



The photograph and the cap.


She picked up the damped clothes
and began to bring them inside
when all of a sudden she found an olive cap kept aside.

She then searched for a picture
which was taken when she was young and pretty.
She wore a similar cap in it and looked so happy and witty.

It was her favorite among all others.
And she remembered she showed it to him.
She thought for a while about it until her eyes became dim.

She thought of how he made her,
wear another cap
and told her to click another similar snap.

She wondered if he had kept the photo
with him, all this while long
or deleted it the day he left her and was gone.

That day the photograph and the cap
were buried deep by her,
for she knew she would never be able to look at them without getting her eyes blurred.

It’s been long since then.

The rain had stopped. She spread the clothes
under the sun anew, kept the photograph aside,
wore the cap, looked up high and smiled.






You can’t feel,
And so you won’t know.
You have hurt me in ways you will never know.

You did what you had to do.
And went your own way.
But what about the things within me,
which were left unsaid.
They bring me hate and pain
Which I do not want inside of me.
They make me want revenge,
Which is not how I was supposed to be.
I do not want to be a monster,
And so I want you to know.
You have hurt me in ways you will never know.