What drives you,
in front of you.

What makes you happy,
beside you.

What makes you, you,
will remain within you.




Day is sad.
When I told my friend it is so,
she asked me why?
I said, “Day feels bad.”
She asked me if something happened.
I told her no, nothing did.
After a while
she replied
“To me he seems perfectly fine.”
She looked back at him to assure herself
and by my surprise
found him happy and content.
Then I looked at him,
he seemed all pale and sick.
I wondered why
my friend said what she did.
I told her to check again.
But to her, nothing was changed.
Perplexed I got.
Confused I watched.
When she said she’s leaving with him
but went alone.
I looked at Day
and watched him in dismay
as he knelt down
and finally made a sound.
I asked, “Why didn’t you go with her?”
He said, “Only you can make me feel better.”
Helpless I uttered, “I don’t know what to do.”
“Stop crying”, he said, “Let me tell you.
I am omnipresent.
Gloomy I may be with you,
but with your friend I am usually pleasant.
Everyone has their own view.
I went with her but stayed with you too.
You see a different Day than she does.
If you want me to be healthy,
a change in your thinking is must.
For I am a reflection
of what goes in your head.
Positive you be,
better I shall get.”
As soon as he finished, I cried.
How I have made him feel
all this time, I realized.
There was no one but myself to blame.
Decided won’t let him be this way again.
The moment this thought
crossed my mind
Day stood straight up and seemed all fine.
I knew then that I need to lead
to keep him and myself out of misery.
To make us better I shall strive.
Would never let him feel dead till I am alive.


You can’t feel,
And so you won’t know.
You have hurt me in ways you will never know.

You did what you had to do.
And went your own way.
But what about the things within me,
which were left unsaid.
They bring me hate and pain
Which I do not want inside of me.
They make me want revenge,
Which is not how I was supposed to be.
I do not want to be a monster,
And so I want you to know.
You have hurt me in ways you will never know.

The Last Glimpse

I am leaning against a tree.
He is standing against the wall.
I see him through the glass.
He is speaking to someone on call.

I try to hold my blink,
To not to miss his smile.
But the way he shines
Is enough to make me blind.

I take a final glimpse,
And store it in my mind.
One last image of his,
For a memory, I can call mine.