A bird.

I saw a tiny bird,

on a windy day.

Flapping the small wings,

it flew far away.


His Shirts.

Out of all those, I remember only a few.
Good old days reflecting memories anew.

The first – purple, light purple!
Then black, with white checks, I guess.
And brown too, bark-like-brown.

Last but not the least, sky-blue.
And then purple again,
because that’s the one in which you were mostly around.



I saw him packing, a flashlight and a rope.
I asked where you headed.
“To the mountains”, he roared.
I asked why, and his eyes gleamed
in a way which I had never seen.

“Elevated earth and hairpin bends.
Narrow paths that would never end.
You may move but shall be still.
This way you can only feel amid hills.
Alpine habitats and needle leaf trees,
Unspoiled wilderness there shall be.
Deep turns will make you sway
while the brook shall lead you the way
to a place, familiar to you
Into an empty space where
the sky shall spread blue.
Stare at the sun as it sets
the sky will then bleed red.
Gradually it will turn dark
and suddenly you will see a star.
And the next few moments you’d lay stunned
for you would see millions of them at once.
None of them will leave a scar
but you will be left with an intangible mark.
I have one, but I can’t show you.
Pack your stuff so you can feel it too.
No words can be just to describe
the peace you would feel.
No wounds exist that
the mountain air cannot heal.”

Daily Prompt




Day is sad.
When I told my friend it is so,
she asked me why?
I said, “Day feels bad.”
She asked me if something happened.
I told her no, nothing did.
After a while
she replied
“To me he seems perfectly fine.”
She looked back at him to assure herself
and by my surprise
found him happy and content.
Then I looked at him,
he seemed all pale and sick.
I wondered why
my friend said what she did.
I told her to check again.
But to her, nothing was changed.
Perplexed I got.
Confused I watched.
When she said she’s leaving with him
but went alone.
I looked at Day
and watched him in dismay
as he knelt down
and finally made a sound.
I asked, “Why didn’t you go with her?”
He said, “Only you can make me feel better.”
Helpless I uttered, “I don’t know what to do.”
“Stop crying”, he said, “Let me tell you.
I am omnipresent.
Gloomy I may be with you,
but with your friend I am usually pleasant.
Everyone has their own view.
I went with her but stayed with you too.
You see a different Day than she does.
If you want me to be healthy,
a change in your thinking is must.
For I am a reflection
of what goes in your head.
Positive you be,
better I shall get.”
As soon as he finished, I cried.
How I have made him feel
all this time, I realized.
There was no one but myself to blame.
Decided won’t let him be this way again.
The moment this thought
crossed my mind
Day stood straight up and seemed all fine.
I knew then that I need to lead
to keep him and myself out of misery.
To make us better I shall strive.
Would never let him feel dead till I am alive.



A ship
It floats  with no passenger.
A ship
It swims in no direction.
A ship
It can never turn back to the shore.
A ship
Don’t know if it can go anymore.

The ship
That had once fought off  giant waves.
The ship
Doesn’t know now what path to tread.
The ship
Has leaks and thus suffers.
The ship
Still sails, but may soon submerge.

My ship
It trembles as it goes forth.
My ship
Hesitates if it can cross.
My ship
Gets deeper every time water gets inside.
My ship
Might sink soon and die.

Oh wait!
I see no one behind the wheel.
I see no skipper in command.
Does this mean I man my ship?
Yes it does. Now I take the stand.

I am the ship.
I shall steer through the tempest.
I am the ship.
The sails will withstand the gale.
I am the ship.
See me drift through the storm.
I am the ship.
I wrestled my way past the squalls.


Can I be the moon?

Can I be the moon?

Can I be the moon?
All eyes looking at me.
Comparing their beauty to mine.
Thinking how I am lonely.
Lonely in the sky,
still shining bright
at almost all nights.
Appreciating my reflect.
Ignoring my flecks.
You wonder how beautiful am I,
Only because you cannot see the other side.

But what if you see me as a whole?
Would you love me more?
Or you’ll feel betrayed?
For I keep a cover over a part of myself.
And it’s something I cannot change.
You’ll always see the part which lights.
And would always wonder about the part I hide.
You love the betraying moon.
Yes, I know you do.
But what if I be the moon,
would you love me too?